Teen Wolf » The Tell (1x05)

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"I want to be one of those guys that goes out there. Inside the Maze."

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Big man in a suit of armor.

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guys, if damon and elena don’t end up together, idk what was the point of this show.

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If you’re going through hell, keep going.

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Mash Appreciation Week
Day One » Why do you love them

 I think I love them because they have everything I look for in a fictional couple. There’s the friendship, the “I want but I can’t” element, the attraction, the understanding, the mutual trust, the way they gravity around each other without ever be able to let go completely and all the little things that just say there’s always something between them. They weren’t supposed to fall for each other, but they did, despite all the odds and the situation they lived in. They had to marry, but in the end they wanted to, because they realized they were really in love with each other. They’ve fight for each other, saved and helped each other, with such passion and devotion and open hearts, that my heart melted and bled and screamed at each one of their scenes together. Nothing was boring, even the worst parts, even the angst, I loved it all, because “I love you, I do” and everything was worth that single sentence that just spoke the ultimate truth. They had my heart from the very start and I know that my heart never betrays me, even if sometimes it hurts like hell. But the beauty of a true otp is this, too. There’s no love without pain and Mary and Bash just have it all, so good times or bad times, they will remain the ones who are able to give me emotions, and I am grateful for that.

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Teen Wolf » Second Chance At First Line (1x02)

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Feel good about yourself. Feel good about who you are.

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make me choose: aaronswarner asked me mabastian or kennash?

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